Thank you to everyone who made it out to our screenings in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, San Francisco, and Austin TX! And for those who couldn't catch a screening, worry not; HEEL KICK! is going to be making its way to iTunes, VOD, and all the platforms you can shake a folding chair at in the coming months. Stay tuned, and follow us on all the medias for the latest updates (links at the bottom of this website).



This "documentary" chronicles the journey of wannabe pro-wrestlers, Reggie (Danny Mac) and Maurice (Chris Wilcox). Despite lacking any trace of athleticism, intelligence or drive, these backyard wrestlers are certain they’ll become the next big thing in the business - no matter how many years they waste boozing or mooching off their parents.

But after watching them procrastinate for a decade, Reggie’s brother, Jared (Matthew Graham) has had enough of their tough-talk. He issues a challenge: join a wrestling school and prove they have what it takes. If they fail? Move out of mom’s house, get a real job, and let the dream of squared-circle stardom die forever.

Reggie can’t wait to prove to his loving mother (Pam Kearns) and on-again/mostly-off-again girlfriend (Naiah Cummins) that his backyard “training” wasn’t for nothing. But it won’t be as easy as he thought… They’ll find no sympathy from their trainers at the ECCW, and even less from Roger (Cooper Bibaud), the jaded filmmaker hired to document their journey.

For the first time in their lives, Reggie and Maurice are actually going for their dream... but can they handle the gut-busting, side-splitting pain along the way?

"Hilarious... Wonderfully disastrous. 4/5 Stars." 

-Jenny Feniak, Vue Weekly


"Heel Kick piledrives expectations."

-Chris Penwell, Enthuse


" incredibly entertaining, hilarious, and heartfelt film." 

-Will Brownridge, Toronto Film Scene


"If you’re a wrestling fan, you should see this movie, no question about it. If you’re not a wrestling fan? It’s still a great flick."

-Wyatt Arndt, Daily Hive