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This 'documentary' chronicles the trials of wannabe pro-wrestlers, Reggie (Danny Mac) and Maurice (Chris Wilcox). Despite lacking any trace of athleticism, intelligence or drive, these backyard grapplers are certain they'll become the next big thing in the business -- that is until Reggie's brother (Matthew Graham) challenges them to finally join a wrestling school and see if they have what it takes.

They'll find no sympathy from their trainers at the ECCW, and even less from Roger (Cooper Bibaud), the jaded filmmaker hired to document their journey.

For the first time in their lives, Reggie and Maurice are actually going for their dream... but can they handle the gut-busting, side-splitting pain along the way?

"Hilarious... Wonderfully disastrous. 4/5 Stars." 

-Jenny Feniak, Vue Weekly


“Danny Mac and Ian MacDougall’s stoner mockumentary offers a fond study of the ‘stuck-in-your-youth’ complex." 

"...you think it might be a genuine documentary. 8/10"

-Theo Schear, Film Threat


"Heel Kick piledrives expectations."

-Chris Penwell, Enthuse


"...an incredibly entertaining, hilarious, and heartfelt film." 

-Will Brownridge, Toronto Film Scene


"If you’re a wrestling fan, you should see this movie, no question about it. If you’re not a wrestling fan? It’s still a great flick."

-Wyatt Arndt, Daily Hive